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Adult Education Classes Spring 2020

5 months ago

By Robert Getz

Unless otherwise noted, all classes run from 6 - 8 pm for 6 weeks. 

To register for class, download a registration form from the "Brochures and Registration Forms" block and mail in to; Adult Education Office, 64 Keystone Central Drive, Mill Hall, PA 17751. You can also call (570) 893-4900 x 4367 or email

Fitness and Nutrition

Thursdays starting March 19th @ CMMS     Cost $99

Time to try a healthier life style?  Do you want to increase strength, lose weight, improve flexibility or build muscle, this class may be for you. Learn about proper nutrition and personal fitness principles. Topics covered include FITT, Tabata, and Yoga just to name a few. Working with the instructor, students will be using the heath classroom, auxiliary gym and fitness center at CMMS to develop a personal fitness routine. 


French Culture and Language

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

Take a trip through France! Explore the customs and culture of one of Europe’s most diverse countries. As you discover the rich history and interesting people, perfect commonly used phrases and add new expressions to your repertoire. Allons-y! Let’s go! 


Fly Tying

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS    Cost $99

The Introduction to Fly Tying class is designed for the beginner fly-tier looking to tie their own flies. In this class, an experienced instructor will teach you how to tie nymphs, dry flies, and streamers. In addition, they will introduce our students to fly tying tools, materials, and a touch of entomology (the study of insects). No experience is necessary to join us for our introduction class and the intention is that you will walk away from the class with the knowledge and experience required to tie basic fly patterns. Your newly acquired set of skills will open the door to tying more advanced patterns and a lifetime hobby

     3/17/2020- Introduction to fly tying, students will identify tools and how they are used. Students  will distinguish the difference between types of flies (dry flies, nymphs, and streamers). Students will tie green weenie fly as their first fly.

      3/24/2020 Student will identify different fly tying materials and the uses that they have. Students will identify for types of flies and techniques that can be used using the different material.  Students will tie wooly bugger for their second fly.

      3/31/2020- Students will look at different types of hair that is used for tying flies. Students will identify what hair to use for types of flies and techniques.  Students will tie an elk hair caddis for their third fly.

      4/7/2020- Students will learn about tying with types of synthetic materials such foam and yarns. Students will look at different fly patterns that are tied with synthetic materials and discuss the positives and negatives of using synthetic materials. Students will tie a foam beetle and a blue gill popper for their flies for the week.

      4/14/2020- Students will look at the life cycle of different types of common insects that are represented by fly patterns in Central Pennsylvania. Students will learn when to use particular fly patterns and why they should be used.  Students will learn to tie 3 different life stages of a mayfly for there flies for the week.

      4/21/2020- Students choice and wrap-up the fly tying class.  Students will get to pick the fly tying technique that they would like to learn.  Students will have questions answered that have arose from the class over the past few weeks.

 Students will need to bring a fly tying vice, fly tying scissors, bobbin, hackle pliers, and whip finisher.

Some hooks and fly tying materials will be provided by the instructor for students. 

 Google Suite

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

Get the most out of your Google Suite Apps. Learn Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other powerful productivity tools. Whether you’re a novice or experienced user, this class is for you.


Introduction to Auto Cad

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

This class is an introduction to drafting and Computer Aided Drafting software applications. It prepares individuals to apply basic drafting and engineering principles, technical skills and CAD techniques for the purpose of designing and preparing two-dimensional working drawings


Personal Finance

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

Having trouble with your budget, credit cards getting out of control? This class can help you take control of your financial life. Topics covered include income, money management, credit, saving, and investing. Learn how to design personal and household budgets and utilize checking and savings accounts. Learn about finance, debt, and credit management, as well as how to evaluate and understand insurance and taxes. Students will leave this course with a foundational understanding necessary for making informed personal financial decisions leading to financial independence.

Can-Do-Crafty Cards 

Session 1: March 17, 24, 31                       Cost $49.50

Session 2: April 7, 14, 21                             Cost $49.50

This class will offer instruction on creating various card styles.  Slider card, traditional and easel style cards will be crafted during class time. Participants will learn how to make their own gift bags, small boxes, and matching tags. There will also be instruction about how to use your computer and photography to take paper crafting to the next level.  Throughout the three-week course, participants will receive tips on paper crafting techniques, tools, and craft resources. Participants will have the opportunity to complete a make-n-take each week.

Week 1: Card Style

Week 2: Bags, Tags, and Boxes

Week 3: Enhancing card making using computer and photography

Location: Central Mountain High School


Conversational Spanish

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

This course provides an overview of elementary Spanish. Participants will learn basic greetings, travel vocabulary, how to order a meal in a restaurant and other essential Spanish language communications. The instructor emphasizes the development of listening and speaking skills. An interactive course; participants will engage in small group exercises, written work and oral skits.

Landscape Maintenance

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

Get your yard off to a good start this spring by learning the basics of landscape maintenance. Topics covered will include: tools, lawn and plant care, pruning, fertilizing, watering and other areas of interest of the students.

Homeowner 101

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS       Cost $99

Tired of hiring someone for what could be simple projects and fixes? Learn how to do your own repairs and small additions. Tools, materials and techniques for a variety of homeowner projects will be covered. Some topics covered include: simple electrical and plumbing jobs such as replacing outlets, adding ceiling fans, replacing faucets and drains and simple carpentry work. Subjects of interests to individual students will also be covered.

Cooking with Chicken (6 delicious meals in 6 weeks)

Tuesdays starting March 17th @ CMHS     Cost $125

This course will give participants the opportunity to use hands on culinary techniques and recipes that are designed around chicken. Participants will go through a six-week course that will cover how to break down an entire bird as well as other money and time saving industry tips. Each week participants will have a complete meal to take home with them.

     March 17: How to break down the entire bird, Meal: Chicken Cacciatore: Braised Chicken                                     in a hunter’s sauce, served with seasoned jasmine rice

      March 31: Sautéed Chicken Breast dressed with a mushroom sauce served with mashed


      April 7: Chicken Creole: Dark meat Chicken braised in a Cajun style tomato sauce served with                          seasoned jasmine rice

      April 14: Chicken Marsala served with fresh Pappardelle pasta

      April 21: Curry Chicken with mixed vegetables served with jasmine rice

      April 28: Spatchcocked Chicken Provencal with fondant potatoes


ServSafe Food Handler Certification

Mondays starting March 16th @ CMHS       Cost $99

This class will prepare students to pass the ServSafe Food handler exam. It covers the 5 key areas: basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross contamination, time & temperature controls, and cleaning & sanitation.

Vehicle Safety Inspection Course

Call for Information

This program which prepares the student to become a Certified PA Inspection Mechanic in category 1, cars & light trucks, and category 2, motorcycles. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license.

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