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Instructional Support Team
This program provides supportive help for students who are having difficulty in the classroom. This help comes from a team consisting of the classroom teacher, principal, counselor, parent and support teacher. Any member of the team may ask for help for the student. If you have concerns about your child, please contact one of the other team members.

Instructional Support Teachers

Heather Fye – Liberty Curtin Elementary, Robb Elementary, Mill Hall Elementary

Diana Gentzel – Dickey Elementary, Woodward Elementary, Renovo Elementary,

Carla Lodek - Central Mountain Middle School
Keystone Central School District makes every effort to accommodate students, parents and guests as they participate in school-related activities. To that end, we ask that participants in school activities contact the school sponsoring an event to make specific arrangements, when needed.

If you require interpreting services for any school event, please contact the school as early as possible, in order to secure an interpreter. If the school cannot be reached, please contact the Special Education Office in the District at (570) 748-4660.

School Listings

Woodward Elementary School
(570) 748-4025
Robb Elementary School
(570) 748-3501
Dickey Elementary School
(570) 748-2101
Mill Hall Elementary School
(570) 726-3105
Liberty Curtin Elementary School
(570) 962-2225
Renovo Elementary School
(570) 923-2100
Bucktail Middle / High School
(570) 923-1166
Central Mountain Middle School
(570) 726-3141
Central Mountain High School
(570) 893-4646