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Keystone Central School District makes every effort to accommodate students, parents and guests as they participate in school-related activities. To that end, we ask that participants in school activities contact the school sponsoring an event to make specific arrangements, when needed.

If you require interpreting services for any school event, please contact the school as early as possible, in order to secure an interpreter. If the school cannot be reached, please contact the Special Education Office in the District at (570) 893-4900.

School Listings

Woodward Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 3101
Robb Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 2701
Dickey Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 3701
Mill Hall Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 2910
Liberty Curtin Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 2501
Renovo Elementary School
(570) 893-4900 ext 3525
Bucktail Middle / High School
(570) 893-4900 ext 3501
Central Mountain Middle School
(570) 893-4900 ext 2950
Central Mountain High School
(570) 893-4900 ext 4501
PASA 1.0 Percent Participation Threshold
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires Pennsylvania to ensure that the total number of students assessed in each subject using the PASA does not exceed one percent of the total number of all students in the state assessed on the statewide assessments. Each local educational agency (LEA) must complete and submit the PASA 1.0 Percent Participation Threshold Justification to BSE if it anticipates that more than 1.0 % of its students enrolled in grades 3-8 and 11 will be assessed using the PASA. A list of LEAs who anticipate exceeding the threshold will be made publicly available on the PDE website, in accordance with 34 CFR 200.6 (c)(3) regulations. LEAs must also make the document publicly available upon request, removing any personally identifiable information. The Keystone Central School District anticipates exceeding the 1.0 percent threshold for PASA participation for the 2019-20 testing cycle. The necessary justification information has been submitted to the Bureau of Special Education. Questions on the Keystone Central School District participation rates should be directed to Lisa Harvey, Supervisor of Special Education.
The Keystone Central School District Special Education Department will be purging inactive files for students born in 1991. Individuals wishing to obtain their special education records should send a signed written request for records prior to July 10, 2020. Written requests must include current full name (and maiden if applicable), date of birth, current address and phone number. Records can be picked up between July 13, 2020 through July 20, 2020 at the Special Education Office located in the Administration Building, 86 Administration Drive, Mill Hall (Phone: 570-748-4660).

Records will only be released to the requestor who provides proof of identification (driver’s license or another official form of photo identification) that includes signature, name, date of birth and current address that matches the written request.