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Student safety rules
Waiting for the Bus
-Be at the bus stop at least five minutes early.
-Wait on a sidewalk or an area off the road.
-Don't run or play ball at the bus stop.
-Don't allow a pet to follow you to the bus stop. (No pets on the bus without permission)

In winter never walk or play on snow banks.
You could slip and fall under the wheels of a car or bus.
When you see the bus coming, get in line, back from the road.
Wait until the bus stops and the door is open before you step near the bus.

While on the Bus
-Always sit; don't move around.
-Talk softly; never throw things or fight. The bus driver can't concentrate on driving if riders are yelling or fighting.
-Never put any part of your body outside the bus window.
-Don't eat or drink on the bus.
-At railroad crossings, there must be absolute silence.
-Never bring pets or insects on the bus without getting permission.

Arriving at Your Destination
-Remain in your seat until the bus has stopped.
-Move away from the bus as soon as you get off.
-If you drop something near the bus, don't pick it up until after the bus has left.

If you have to cross the road:
-Go far enough in front of the bus so that you can see the driver's face. That means the driver can see you.
-When you have crossed in front of the bus, stop to look for cars. Drivers don't always obey the law that says they must stop when the school bus stops.
-If you don't have to cross the road, stay away from the side of the bus.